POWERTECH - Grenoble 2013 - Towards carbon free society through smarter grids

Towards carbon free society through smarter grids
Grenoble France, 16-20 June 2013




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Opening Ceremony on Monday 17th June, 9:30 – 12:40

Brigitte PLATEAU
Président of Grenoble Institute of Technology

Welcome address

Genevieve FIORASO
French Minister for research and higher education (to be confirmed)

* Michèle BELLON
Chief Executive Officer of ERDF

"Smart Grids, Enabler of the Energy Transition"
Dominique MAILLARD
Chairman of the board, RTE

"European Transmission Grid Perspectives"
Vice-President and director, EDF R&D

"Smartgrids, what's next?"
Philippe DELORME
Executive Vice President Partner Business, Schneider Electric Industries

"Making the Smartgrid Happen"
Senior Analyst, International Energy Agency

"The Changing Energy-Climate Map: Drivers and Implications"

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** © "Bruno Moyen"