POWERTECH - Grenoble 2013 - Towards carbon free society through smarter grids

Towards carbon free society through smarter grids
Grenoble France, 16-20 June 2013




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Maps and directions

Grenoble, at the heart of the Rhone-Alps region in southeast France, is in the Isère department and holds a strategic position as the crossroads between northern and southern Europe. 157 900 people live in the city and 425 650 live in the greater Grenoble area (34 cities). The city is surrounded by three mountain chains : Chartreuse, Vercors and Belledonne.

Some distance

     Grenoble - Paris: 574 Km
  Grenoble - Nice: 343 Km
  Grenoble - Strasbourg: 535 Km
  Grenoble - Geneva: 147 Km
  Grenoble - Turin : 240 Km
  Grenoble - Barcelone : 640 Km
  Grenoble - Berlin : 1 215 Km

By plane

3 airports are located near Grenoble:

By train

Several daily connections with Europe's big cities :

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By road

A crossroads, Grenoble is particularly easy to access.
Arrival by motorways :